What’s new in PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6?

LAMP development is going to be interesting and fun with new releases of PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.6 and arise in competition with MariaDB 10.0 series.

MySQL is moving towards better performance and scalability. On other side PHP is moving towards better OOPs concepts and performance improvements.

What’s added in PHP 5.5:

  • Generators and coroutines
  • Non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach
  • Getting the fully qualified class name using ClassName::class
  • finally blocks
  • list() in foreach
  • Constant array and string dereferencing
  • New password hashing API
  • Bundled ZendOptimizer+ as OPcache

What’s dropped:

  • ext/mysql deprecation
  • preg_replace() /e modifier
  • intl deprecations
  • mcrypt functions deprecations

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What’s new in MySQL 5.6?

  • Better Performance and Scalability
  • Improved InnoDB storage engine for better transactional throughput
  • Improved Optimizer for better query execution times and diagnostics
  • Better Application Availability with Online DDL/Schema operations
  • Better Developer Agility with NoSQL Access via Memcached API to InnoDB
  • Improved Replication for high performance and self-healing cluster deployments
  • Improved Performance Schema for better instrumentation and monitoring
  • Improved Security for worry-free application deployments
  • And other important enhancements.

Oracle claims that there is 230% Performance Improvement with InnoDB in MySQL 5.6:

  • Online operations for better availability
  • Transportable tablespace for portability
  • NoSQL access via the Memcached protocol
  • Full-text search

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As MySQL is now proprietary software of Oracle and they are holding community addition features to promote MySQL Enterprise editions, you should look for MariaDB 10.0.1

Benchmark  with MariaDB and MySQL:


MariaDB and MySQL compatibility: