What Windows Mobile can do that iPhone cannot?

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Here everyone is curious about iPhone but I think its not a worth to buy it. Here are some reasons behind it.

iPhone comes with features like 3G, GPS and Low Price according to apple sources but in India we do not have 3G yet, GPS is working well on other mobile phones like BlackBerry and Windows Mobile much better than iPhone. Hmm, What about price do you think its low for us, No. lol.

Now Lets see what iPhone lacks compared to Windows Mobile:

– Broadcast stereo Bluetooth
– Do voice recognition
– Record video
– Copy/Paste
– Send or receive MMS
– Offer screen of up to 5″
– Offer screen resolutions of up to 800×480
– Internet tethering
– Offer a physical keyboard
– Handwriting recognition
– True multitasking
– Allow the user to remove batter
and so on…

Yeah! One thing is good in iPhone that you can use it as iPod 😉 You can not compare anything else with iPods they rocks. 🙂

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