iPod Touch 8Gb

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I bought iPod Touch 8Gb this month but not got time to post on my blog.


Here you can find its specification http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/specs.html

I liked its mutitouch functionality and applications developed by other developers. I tested several Paid and free application and every application adds a new functionality to my iPod.

My Favorite Games on iPod are “Space Deadbeef”, “Audi A4”, “FS5 Hockey” and “Darts”.

My Favorite Applications are “Free RSS”, “To Do’s” and “WebDAV Files Lite”.

Mostly I use “WebDAV File Lite”, By using this application you can upload your PDF, DOC, PPS etc files to your iPod and read them on your device. Thanks to original development team 🙂

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