How to become a good Software Developer/Programmer

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1. Learn Promramming instead of Languages.

– Everyone is behind the computer programming languages, computer courses etc. but very few of them try to understand basic concepts of programming and develop logic. In my views if you are good in logic, you know how things work in programs then you can work on any language. But you should learn programming ethics then languages.

2. Learn to debug and removing errors.

– Debugging skill in very important for every programmer, a good programmer write a code to report errors properly for easy debugging and helps removing errors. Need thinking up to end user.

3. Always stay motivated and keep learning new skills and technology.

– Always stay motivated, don’t think you are typing a code line. Think you writing a poem in your language in well structured form 🙂 . Always keen to learn new techniques, develop new skill in you.

4. Write good quality code with proper comments so that everyone can understand what you did.

– Good quality code here is reusable code, properly commented and structured so that others can understand what you did and you can work in a team in proper manners.

5. Remove impossible from dictionary, its your duty to make things happen.

– Don’t say this is not possible to develop. Everything is possible, some thinks take time, Some times you have to work hard to do impossible things, its your duty to make things happen.

Everything is fair/possible in War, Love and Programming. So have fun and love to code.

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