Wake Up BSNL and provide us Good Services

Huh, Can not believe this. Just read the news that BSNL will launch 3G phones by December

In most of the India BSNL is the only provider who provides pathetic services. In my area BSNL DSL downtime is about 2-3hrs a day. Even you can not count the disconnections per day. I have to call SDO (BSNL Kapurthala) always to get problem fixed. Thank God he helps, I think he’s the only person I dealt with who knows the exact technical problem and have manners to talk with a customer.

One of My friend have BSNL mobile and I call him daily about 19:00 and I will take 15-20min. to get contact with him. Here are some messages from Operator I got “Switch OFF”, “Number Does Not Exist”, “Not in coverage area”, “Unable to locate” or simply disconnected without any message. What a bad service.

Now, What if you talk to the officials to fix my DSL problems? Here are some common answers, “Sir, You have to call this number, I’m not handling the DSL problems”. Person give you one or two numbers to contact with them and this chain never ends until you QUIT. lol.

Here what my point is all above things is, Just to tell BSNL officials “WAKE UP and Improve your services instead of launching new plans.”

Oops! forgot to say that My net is down today also and no one is picking phone so, most probably they will fix tomorrow morning. I have to work from My Reliance data card (Very very stable and great service, even it works where your mobiles not, On hills 😉 “.

Oh! you know why I’m using BSNL because in My area no other DSL provider is available.

I used “HATHWAY”, AIRTEL and Reliance and found everyone is great except BSNL.

You know what’s the slogan of BSNL “Connecting India”. I think it should be “Disconnecting India” if they do not provide better support and reliable services.

May be in coming days BSNL improves. Hope for the best.

What Windows Mobile can do that iPhone cannot?

Here everyone is curious about iPhone but I think its not a worth to buy it. Here are some reasons behind it.

iPhone comes with features like 3G, GPS and Low Price according to apple sources but in India we do not have 3G yet, GPS is working well on other mobile phones like BlackBerry and Windows Mobile much better than iPhone. Hmm, What about price do you think its low for us, No. lol.

Now Lets see what iPhone lacks compared to Windows Mobile:

– Broadcast stereo Bluetooth
– Do voice recognition
– Record video
– Copy/Paste
– Send or receive MMS
– Offer screen of up to 5″
– Offer screen resolutions of up to 800×480
– Internet tethering
– Offer a physical keyboard
– Handwriting recognition
– True multitasking
– Allow the user to remove batter
and so on…

Yeah! One thing is good in iPhone that you can use it as iPod 😉 You can not compare anything else with iPods they rocks. 🙂